ISBN 9780593059821,I'Ve Got Your Number

I'Ve Got Your Number


Random House India



Random House India

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780593059821

ISBN-10 0593059824


Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)


Poppy Wyatt is Kinsella's protagonist in I've Got Your Number. Poppy is happy as lark as she is getting ready to marry her ideal dream-man Magnus Tavish. Her happy ending seems within reach, until one afternoon when everything that could go wrong, does go wrong, throwing Poppy into a state of panic. She discovers that her engagement ring has been misplaced. This wouldn't be such a big deal except that the ring has been in Magnus's family for over three generations, not to mention it has a diamond and emerald setting! To make matters worse, her phone is also stolen. Consumed by shock, Poppy frantically looks around the hotel lobby, and to her amazement she spots a phone in the trash can. Feeling relieved, she decides to use the phone. As Poppy resumes with her wedding responsibilities, she begins receiving strange phone calls. Sam Roxton, the phone's "real" owner is not too thrilled with the idea that someone else is reading his text messages. So the duo agree upon a rather strange sharing system. Sam allows Poppy to keep the phone at the chance that the hotel might call with information about her missing engagement ring. Meanwhile, Poppy agrees to forward all work-related calls and emails to Sam. As the two get caught up in the midst of all this "sharing", Poppy becomes increasingly albeit unintentionally involved in Sam's business practices. Will Poppy ever find her engagement ring? How long can she hide her left hand before Magnus discovers the truth about his family's engagement ring? What surprises are in store for her as she plays the role of a telephone service for Sam Roxton? About Sophie Kinsella Sophie Kinsella also known as Madeleine Sophie Wickham is a bestselling author, who hails from London, United Kingdom. She has authored titles such as Wedding Night, Can You Keep A Secret, Twenties Girl, and also the acclaimed Shopaholic series. Kinsella studied Economics, Politics, and Philosophy at Oxford University. She briefly worked as a financial journalist before changing career paths to writing. Kinsella is married to Henry Wickham. Together they have five children who reside in London, England.