ISBN 9789384318147,I Wonder - How NOT to Lose Peace and Happiness & Experience Being Wealthy and Fulfilled

I Wonder - How NOT to Lose Peace and Happiness & Experience Being Wealthy and Fulfilled


Ashok Goyal



Quills Ink Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384318147

ISBN-10 9384318140


Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

This book is an outcome of variety of exposures that I had in my own life and that of others, in last over four decades of my life. Human life is typically very simple and full of joy and abundance, provided we are aware of that we are creating our lives every moment. However, given the way we have evolved to live in today's world, being simple becomes the most difficult thing to practice. We are so much influenced by our outer environment in almost all aspects of life, to an extent we completely ignore or unaware of what we really want or enjoy and what makes us go ecstatic. This imbalance impacts our health, social relationships and our ability to earn wealth or have a satisfying career. The book is consisting of twenty one short stories, and has focused in this edition on career or wealth aspects. I have made every attempt to keep the language simple and lucid, for anyone can understand and follow. Each story will illustrate an aspect of wisdom one can brood over. However, one thing we must be aware of, that everyone's life is very unique and no one can suggest customized solutions which can fit one hundred percent into one's life problems. You can only get the guidance from others, and then use your own intuition and wisdom to take the decisions and be completely responsible for the outcome.