ISBN 9789381066584,IBO 6 International Business Finance

IBO 6 International Business Finance



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066584

ISBN-10 9381066582


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IBO 6 International Business Finance CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 International Financial System Unit1 International Monetary System and Institutions Unit2 International Financial Markets Unit3 International Banking Unit4 International Transactions and Balance of Payments Block 2 Foreign Exchange Risk Management Unit5 Foreign Exchange Markets Unit6 Determination and Forecasting of Exchange Rates Unit7 Currency Risk management Unit8 Measuring and Managing Transaction Exposure Unit9Measuring and Managing Translation and Economic Exposures Block 3 Investing in Foreign Operations Unit10 Corporate Strategy and Foreign Direct Investment Unit11 International Project Appraisal Unit12 Cost of Capital for Foreign Investments Unit13 Political Risk and Tax Aspects Block 4 Financing International Operations Unit14 Designing Global Capital Structure Unit15 International Cash Management Unit16 Foreign Trade Financing QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2008 2. Solution Paper Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper June 2009 4. Solution Paper Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper June 2010 6. Solution Paper Dec 2010 7. Solution Paper June 2011 8. Solution Paper Dec 2011 9. Solution Paper June 2012 10. Solution Paper Dec 2012 11. Question Paper June 2013 12. Question Paper Dec 2013