ISBN 9789380494432,IBO Field Guide with CD

IBO Field Guide with CD


Brad DeHaven


Qford Books



Qford Books

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380494432

ISBN-10 9380494432

Paper Back

Number of Pages 92 Pages
Language (Hindi)


The field guide is your guide to successfully crossing the terrain from where you are today to where you dream of going. It is a compilation of the attitudes, skills and techniques taught by top leaders in the MLM business who have crossed the landscape before you. The field guide is chock full of straightforward, no-nonsense solutions to the real-life situations you'll encounter as you build your networking business. You know where you want to go now find out how you can get there.

Topics covered in this guide

Professional image and successful habits.
Building a names list, prospecting, qualifying, inviting and confirming.
Making the most of home meetings, room set-up, proper introduction.
Showing the plan, posture, filling a need, developing a relationship.
Follow through, handling questions, objections and fence sitters.
Weeding out excuses, building belief, gaining momentum.

Leadership and duplication, committing to personal growth, activity, promotion, profitability, long-term thinking, goal setting and responsibility