ISBN 9788175257407,Iccha Se Sankalp Phir Chamatkar

Iccha Se Sankalp Phir Chamatkar



Dinesh Kumar Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788175257407

ISBN-10 8175257407


Language (Hindi)

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The power of human beings which are the possible, the entire provision is expansive; Unfortunately, due to unfulfilled wishes Aneko the hostage is extinguished. For the resolution to force the deep desire to be born is mandatory. Two true fact is irrefutable on this earth which is the first fruit produced by karma is another man's fortune and hard work by its resolutions based on the creation of a new destiny. It is irrefutable truth; If it is only to see the organism selects which of these two. Based on the golden fate with the fate of people have come to the earth to avoid hard work and determination based live. ... So it should know that the capital of his fortune to be dealt Cunc ie revert meal. And stay, and the creeping fate Dursi, declining to be based on its resolutions are mounted on the conflict path he would have handed over the power of the creator of the universe by which the universe is formed by reformist.
Thinking of you Now you just want to lead a life based on Flansh of Jyots or the creation of a new life with his own hands diligently want to. If the resolution by force is being strengthened by a strong desire to create luck again so prominent this book you will have random familiar with the lore by which you will be able to find just about anything that you wish to find.