ISBN 9780761932710,Ideate with June A Valladares

Ideate with June A Valladares


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Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780761932710

ISBN-10 0761932712


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Information Technology

What are ideas? Who needs ideas? How do we get ideas? This fascinating book deliberates on the very idea of ideation. It illustrates ways to tap into a sustained flow of good, solid ideas?ideas that will help in both, our personal and professional lives. It introduces not only an altogether new way of thinking and living but, more significantly, prompts each one of us to delve deep into our self so that we can discover that creative spark within us. Combining elements from diverse realms like psychology, sociology, religion, philosophy and spirituality, this book highlights simple qualities like imagination, patience, silence, faith? Through this route June A Valladares arrives at an even simpler truth: Creativity is intrinsic to us all. It?s just that we often overlook the very instances that lead us to it. This absorbing book is designed to help each one of us ideate better than we already do. Anecdotal, thoughtful and elegantly written, this book is a must read for everyone who believes in the power of ideas. Table of Contents Foreword by JERRY RAO Preface Prologue I. IMAGINATION: The Gift of Dreams Boosting Imagination Harnessing Imagination II. GESTATION: Learning to Wait The Silence Zone The Leap of Faith All Set to Ideate III. IDEATION: Principles of Ideation Igniting the Spark Conception Birth of an Idea IV. FRUITION: The Big Idea Keeping Track of Ideas Is Everyone Creative? Creativity as a Way of Life Epilogue Appendices References and Select Bibliography Index