ISBN 9780070616042,If I Can You Can

If I Can You Can



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070616042

ISBN-10 0070616043


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Personal Development & Self-Help

This book is a challenge to be all that you can be. Not only does it make you really think about your life and the changes you may need to make, but it also shows you how to go about making these changes and creating the life of your dreams. By mastering the simple, yet detailed 6-part work theory covered in this book, you can make your journey through life an adventurous one, full of achievement and happiness. The remarkably moving stories and powerful insights within these pages will certainly help to make your journey through life a little less difficult and a lot more meaningful. It is sure to be exciting and inspiring reading as well as an excellent practical hand-guide to achieving success and happiness in your life. Table of content :- The Journey Begins... Chapter 1. If I Can, You Can! Part I: Mind Work Chapter 2. Spring-Clean Your Mind! Chapter 3. Believe You Can! Chapter 4. Making Good from Bad Chapter 5. The Quest for Happiness Chapter 6. Being All That You Can Be Through Mind Work Part II: Character Work Chapter 7. Never Lose Hope Chapter 8. Giving Is Better Than Receiving Chapter 9. True Beauty Shines Through From Within Chapter 10. A Little Character Work Prevents a Lot of Heartache Chapter 11. Become a Better Person through Character Work Part III: Dream Work Chapter 12. My Lovely Ordinary Life! Chapter 13. Live Life To The Full! Chapter 14. Living the Life You Want Through Dream Work Part IV: Ground Work Chapter 15. Plan Your Life Chapter 16. Devising a Plan of Action to Achieve Your Goals Part V: Dredge Work Chapter 17. Time Is Fleeting Chapter 18. Learn To Hang Up Your Problems and Worries Chapter 19. Dealing With Stress Before It Deals With You! Chapter 20. Achieving Your Dreams through Dredge Work Part VI: Maintenance Work Chapter 21. Maintenance Work Chapter 22. Be Willing To Change Chapter 23. Change-Even If It Means Your Life Upside Down Chapter 24. Work On Building a Life and Not Wasting One Chapter 25. This Illness Wants A Fight. I 'm Giving It A War! Chapter 26. A Fighter to The End The Journey Ends...

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