ISBN 9780143333258,Illustrated Malgudi Schooldays : Malgudi Schooldays

Illustrated Malgudi Schooldays : Malgudi Schooldays


R K Narayan


Penguin Books Ltd



Penguin Books Ltd

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780143333258

ISBN-10 0143333259

Hard Back

Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)

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R.K. Narayans classic stories about the escapades of Swami and his friends in the sleepy and picturesque fictional town of Malgudi have regaled generations of readers.

Swamis days are full of action. When he is not creating a ruckus in the classroom, or blundering through his exams, hes adventuring down the streets of Malgudi; befuddling his grandmother; or stoning the school windows, inspired by a swadeshi demonstration. But the greatest exploit of Swami and his friends lies in putting together a cricket team called the Malgudi Cricket Club and challenging the Young Mens Union to a match. Just before the game, however, things go horribly wrong, and Swami has no option but to run away from home, wanting never to return again . . .

Malgudi Schooldays is an abridged and deliciously illustrated edition of Narayans celebrated novel Swami and Friends. A delightfully funny account of a harumscarum schoolboy by one of the greatest writers of our time, Malgudi Schooldays enchants and exhilarates all those who step into its world