ISBN 9789351290490,Illustrated Paediatric Dentistry

Illustrated Paediatric Dentistry



Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789351290490

ISBN-10 9351290492


Number of Pages 616 Pages
Language (English)


This Book Is An Attempt To Present The Subject Of Paediatric Dentistry In An Illustrated Manner Which Emphasises On Broad Understanding And Clarity Of Concepts Of The Science. The Book Is Divided Into 15 Units, Focusing On Developmental Psychology And Assessment And Clinical Management Of Children In The Dental Operatory. The Chapters Are Presented In A Format With A Distinct Illustrative Approach To Make Undergraduate And Basic Postgraduate Learning Simpler And Interesting.

Extensive Usage Of Flowcharts, Tables, Line Diagrams, Cartoons, Clinical Pictures To Explain Complex And Important Topics.
The Chapters On Child Psychology And Behavior Management Which Are Unique To The Science Of Paediatric Dentistry Have Been Made Simple, Crisp And Easy To Learn And Recall By Way Of Flowcharts And Cartoons.
Diagnosis Of Caries, Assessment Of Caries Susceptibility, Early Childhood Caries And Anticipatory Guidance Have Been Presented In A Characteristic Illustrated Format.
Early Orthodontic Treatment And Its Indications And Modalities Have Been Elaborated In A Near-Complete Manner.
Unique Format Of Description Has Been Sought To Explain Concepts On Local Anaesthesia, Spread Of Dentoalveolar Infections And Classification And Management Of Special Children.
Common Cases In Paediatric Dentistry Involving Topics Like Endodontics, Orthodontics And Traumatology Have Been Constructed With Real Time Clinical Scenario In Mind.
Case Descriptions Have Been Included In Certain Topics Where Clinical Decision Making Is Crucial, E.G. Pulp Therapy, Management Of Traumatic Injuries, Mode Of Behaviour Management.
All The Chapters Conclude With A Summary In The Form Of Tables For Quick Revision Which Comes In Handy During Exam Preparations.
Review Questions Are Given At The End Of Each Chapter For Self-Assessment.
Table Of Contents -:
Unit 1: Concept Of Paediatric Dentistry
Scope Of Paediatric Dentistry
Scientific Understanding Of Child Behaviour
Prerequisites Of Paediatric Dental Care
First Dental Visit
Basic Paediatric Medicine

Unit 2: Child Psychology
Assumptions And Controversies Of Child Psychology
Psychoanalytical Viewpoint: Psychosexual Theory
Psychoanalytical Viewpoint: Psychosocial Theory
Cognitive Developmental Theory
Learning Theories

Unit 3: Objectives, Outline And Outcome Of Behaviour Management
Science Of Child Behaviour
Psychological Behaviour Management
Pharmacological Behaviour Management
Strategy Of Behaviour Management

Unit 4: Case History, Examination And Assessment
Case History
Assessment Of Cooperative Ability
General And Local Examination
Radiographic Investigation
Diagnosis And Treatment Planning

Unit 5: Development Of Primary And Permanent Dentition
Eruption And Exfoliation Of Teeth
Chronology Of Teeth Eruption
Development Of Occlusion

Unit 6: Cariology
Essentials Of Dental Caries
Early Childhood
Diagnosis And Removal Of Dental Caries

Unit 7: Preventive Paediatric Dentistry
Caries Activity Tests
Diet And Dental Caries
Pit And Fissure Sealants
Anticipatory Guidance

Unit 8: Paediatric Restorative Dentistry
Paediatric Operative Dentistry: An Overview
Isolation, Matricing And Wedging
Amalgam Restorations On Primary Teeth
Adhesive Restorations On Primary Teeth
Resin Restorations On Primary Teeth
Semi-Permanent Restorations

Unit 9: Paediatric Endodontics
Paediatric Endodontics: An Overview
Diagnosis Of Pulpal Pathology
Conservative Endodontic Therapy In Primary Teeth
Pulpectomy In Primary Teeth
Endodontic Treatment Of Young Permanent Teeth

Unit 10: Gingival And Periodontal Involvement In Children

Paediatric Periodontics: An Overview
Gingival Involvement In Children
Periodontopathy In Children

Unit 11: Paediatric Oral Surgery
Paediatric Oral Surgery: An Overview
Local Anaesthesia
Spread Of Dentoalveolar Infection
Minor Oral Surgical Procedures

Unit 12: Paediatric Orthodontics
Paediatric Orthodontics: An Overview
Preventive Orthodontics
Pernicious Oral Habits
Interceptive Orthodontics
Mixed Dentition Space Analysis
Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate

Unit 13: Paediatric Oral And Dental Traumatology
Dental Traumatology: An Overview
Oral Soft Tissue Injuries
Injuries To The Supporting Bone
Dental Injuries In Primary Dentition
Dental Injuries To Permanent Teeth In Mixed Dentition

Unit 14: Management Of Special Children
Classification Of Special Children
Management Of Developmentally Disabled Special Children
Management Of Medically Compromised Special Children

Unit 15: Miscellaneous
Child Abuse And Neglect
Sports Dentistry
Immunisation Schedule In Indian Children
Normal Height And Weight Charts In Indian Children