ISBN 9788188934010,Images of Varahi : nAn Iconographic Study

Images of Varahi : nAn Iconographic Study



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788188934010

ISBN-10 8188934011

Hard Back

Number of Pages 254 Pages
Language (English)


The focus of this book is on goddess Varahi who is the atmasakti of Varaha responsible for lifting up the earth goddess from the Nether region. Very few books like the present are availabel which are exclusively devoted to Varahi. In this book , the author presents in great detail the various aspects of Varahi including the iconographic features of teh different forms as well as mantras and yantras associated witht eh worship of Varahi. The detailed information provided in teh book is based on the ancient texts, Puranas and Silpa sastras.
The book consists of six chapters The first two chapters deal with the antiquity and development of the worship of mother goddess in the pre Vedic and the Vedic Periods. Chapter III brings out the evolution of the identification of three female deities Vak, Sarasvati and Varahi and theri fusion and synchronization into one. This chapter also narrates the important position Varahi occupies in Vaisnavism, Saktism and Tantric Saktism. Chapter IV presents the cononical rules prescribed in Silpasastras with regard to teh various forms of Varahi. Chapter V deals with the icons of Varahi found in temples, caves and other places in India. Some of the images kept in the museums in India and abroad have also been described. Chapter VI presents the basic mantras and yantras to be followed to procure benefits from Varahi worship. The specail feature of this book lies in presenting large number of collection of the images of Varahi found from different parts of the country. In the Appendix all the slokas of Varahi including Varahi Sahasranama are given . This book will be of benefit not only to researchers but also to those who are interested in the worship of Varahi.