ISBN 9780721650029,Immunology: Theoretical and Practical Concepts in Laboratory Medicine

Immunology: Theoretical and Practical Concepts in Laboratory Medicine



Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780721650029

ISBN-10 0721650023


Number of Pages 366 Pages
Language (English)

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Modern, up-to-date coverage of the field of clinical immunology practice. A comprehensive yet concise summary of fundamental and advanced immunologic concepts and procedures appropriate for students of clinical laboratory sciences. The text contains new information regarding molecular techniques in the field, and is appropriate for the continuing education of laboratory personnel.

Part I of the text (Fundamental Concepts in Immunology) provides the student with the foundation necessary to understand the principles and practice of the portion of clinical immunology which in a clinical setting is called Serology. This section covers the theoretical information relating to the structure and function of the immune system, with regard to the mechanisms of its normal and abnormal responses.Part II of the text (Diagnostic Laboratory Procedures in Immunology) covers the methodology of serologic testing. In general terms, the discussion addresses the major procedural steps, reagents utilised, interpretations of test results, and various conditions affecting test validity as well as frequently encountered diseases.