ISBN 9789380164298,Impact Of Dynamics On Leadership & Decision Making

Impact Of Dynamics On Leadership & Decision Making



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Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9789380164298

ISBN-10 9380164297

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Group dynamics is probably is the most important aspect of organisational life in, the modern world. To appreciate its importance one may introspect into one's own activity whether in personal life or in corporate life and observe how one depends on others around him or who are connected to him either as family members or as friendship groups, peer groups, subordinates in work groups and superiors in job or departmental groups - Thus we all are products of groups living and working as a member either additively (all members working together on same object-to get an output/objective/aim) or disjunctively (each one doing part of the job separately to get the output/ objective/aim). Individuals as members of groups exert a pressure or influence on its environment and vice versa , the net effect being a change in either the individual, group or its internal and external environment making our earthly living a two way process. This book describes the two way process mentioned above, and particularly how groups work and how the physical, social and personal.