ISBN 9780743497169,In Search Of Pretty Young Black Men A Novel

In Search Of Pretty Young Black Men A Novel


Atria Books



Atria Books

Publication Year 1899

ISBN 9780743497169

ISBN-10 0743497163


Number of Pages 176 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Fiction

Los Angeles has no ghettos, according to some. And that is nearly true. But even behind the sun-kissed facade of privilege in its Black upper middle class is a harsher reality....
So begins the tale of Dorian Moore, a seductive young man who provides comfort to the moneyed, the neglected, the lost, and the lonely in an elegant hilltop community in Southern California -- Maggie Lester Allegro among them.
Disillusioned by a loveless marriage, Maggie finds support in her small circle of women friends, and sexual healing in Dorian's arms. But the blessing brought by this pretty black man soon becomes a fatal curse for Maggie and her husband, Lamont. When Lamont -- the son of an influential member of the Baldwin Hills gentry -- seeks sexual solace outside the marriage, a series of terrible truths come to light...and soon he begins to crumble under the weight of his own family secrets and lies that threaten to shatter his carefully guarded life.
Poetically rendered and provocative, "In Search of Pretty Young Black Men" is an illuminating novel that challenges our notions of sex, success, prestige, and, most of all, love.

A stunning new novel, which bestselling author E. Lynn Harris describes as "a provocative--often shocking--tale of lost love, good sex, and secret longings," written by the NAACP Image Award-winning playwright, filmmaker, and author of "Diva.