ISBN 9788192153575,In Search Of Silence

In Search Of Silence



Prolibris Publishing Media Ltd.

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788192153575

ISBN-10 8192153576


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Motivational & Inspirational

Birth, death and a ?dash? in the middle. That gap or ?dash? is filled with needless pursuits, momentary highs, a constant state of anxiety and an unexpressed sense of incompleteness. Freedom, health and relationships get traded for the mundane. The illusion is pursued to its fullest. Without realising, a raft of addictions then take hold. What a colossal waste of an opportunity to wake up! In Search of Silence- explores what it takes to be free from societal conditioning, free from the ?baggage? of the past that hinders spontaneous living and an expression of personal power. Its a real life story of an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker?s search for knowing true freedom, hastened by a wake-up call from a near- death accident and a realisation that there really was no ?tomorrow? to postpone things to. This book is an invitation to explore what allows real freedom, what enables full self expression, what reinforces your personal power. About the Author Rohan Narse, a former Goldman Sachs investment banker, was born in 1965 in India & had his basic schooling in Mumbai. He is a graduate in engineering from IT BHU, Varanasi and did his post-graduation in management studies from IIM Bangalore. A chance near-death accident in London, in which he narrowly survived, caused a sudden jolt from the ?programmed state? in which he was living his life as an investment banker and entrepreneur, that then created the context for a search for real freedom. Rohan lives in London, UK & conducts seminars, coaching events and exploratory conversations on rediscovering personal freedom in its truest sense, the knowing of which allows for an experience of spontaneity, abundance and personal power.

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