ISBN 9780755440344,In the King's Shoes & the Smelly Little Dog

In the King's Shoes & the Smelly Little Dog


Enid Blyton


Grandreams Ltd



Grandreams Ltd

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780755440344

ISBN-10 075544034X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 20 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories

Our langauge is one of delight and curiosity. BUTTERING PARSNIPS, TWOCKING CHAVS is a guided tour of English, exploring the origins of words, their changing meaning, lexical peculiarities, word games and lost words, presented in lists, small passages of narrative text, amusing quotations and nuggets of amazing facts. This must-have compendium shows that words have a matchless power to entertain. Here you will find enough new words and phrases to last a lifetime. Idioms frolic beside cliches, catchphrases, proverbs, eponyms, acronyms, spoonerisms and split infinitives. Text messages cavort alongside business jargon and rap slang to produce a language that is both witty and bizarre, and sometimes frankly outstanding. So whether you're a yuppie or a woopie, a sinbad or dinky, a spod or even a wazzock, these pages will provide endless hours of delight and fascination.