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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781742204123

ISBN-10 1742204120


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Finding your way about any country is a difficult task. It is only more so when that country has taken millennia of culture and mixed it with a new world that is entirely alien to itself. India is a complex caricature of temples and flea-markets, forests, fortresses and cities blend into a mix that seems daunting it its own citizens. Yet to explore India, as the Lonely Planet editorial board shows, is to walk through a vast expanse of humanity and culture. Languages and dialects change with every village, people behave differently across every street and the landscape morphs so frequently that it would seem like its a mix of a world that should have been lost to the ravages of time and a world that is trying to catch up. Including amazing photographs and secret locations of the best places to catch a view or a meal, this guide serves as the end-all and be-all guide for travellers roughing it on the dusty roads of the country of the Mughals and the Guptas. Learn the history of the Taj Mahal, the greatest monument to one man's love for his wife and learn the knick-knacks of the country once coveted by every other around it, for its wealth of tradition, culture and sights to soothe a lifetime of memories. About the Lonely Planet Editorial Board The Lonely Planet is a travel guide book publisher, originally owned by BBC Worldwide. Currently owned by American billionaire Brad Kelley's NC2 Media, the company is involved in bringing together breath-taking guides for travellers across the world, using the advice and writing of well-known travel journalists to cater to the wanderlust of the world.

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