ISBN 9789351280064,India an Ancient Exotic Wonderland of Mystic Environment

India an Ancient Exotic Wonderland of Mystic Environment


P.K. Ray



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351280064

ISBN-10 9351280063

Hard Back

Number of Pages 335 Pages
Language (English)


This book presents an outline of both the past and present of India which is one of the ancient civilisations on earth. It describes how Indian civilisation flourished in many directions to draw attentions of the entire world. The rich Indian philosophy, tradition and heritage, our varied culture, amazing architectures, epic literatures, and our age-old expertise in the field of science and technology had in itself a very deep religious fervour. Uplifting of self-consciousness, better self-control and meditation were suggested as pathways to go to the state of self-enlightenment. The present book highlights and expresses concerns that India's population is rapidly growing to reach 1.28 billion (by 2013), and that many of our present problems are due to this vast population burden. While earth's carrying capacity is decreasing due to more demand on land mass, water, mineral resources etc., and due to a sharp increase in pollution burden in our environment, the author warns everybody to be vigilant about environmental protection in order to keep room for our future generations such that they could also sustain. The author strongly feels that it would prove to be an informative document for all Indians, the tourists, the foreigners, researchers and all others, who want to know more about India in its overall ISBN 978-93-5128-006-4 perspectives.