ISBN 9788175417212,India And Russia Deepening The Strategic Partnership

India And Russia Deepening The Strategic Partnership


Shipra Prakashan



Shipra Prakashan

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788175417212

ISBN-10 8175417218


Language (English)

Partnership law

On April 2013, Russia and India celebrated the sixty-sixth year of diplomatic relations between them. The relationship between these two countries is accoladed as a strategic partnership which is special and privileged, and time-tested. The Russians rank India very high, only next to the US and China. They believe that the three countries US, China and India will mould the world politics. The partnership between India and Russia is a natural phenomenon and its significance lies in mutual trust and commonality of views. A strong element of continuity is present in the bilateral relationship in the backdrop of an emerging multi-polar world, despite some lost opportunities due to some strains between India and Russia. New nuances have appeared between India and Russia over a period of time. Efforts are needed to focus the countries energy in strengthening the relationship to meet its optimal potential by capitalising in the opportunities the world order is offering. The volume focuses on the many facets of the bilateral relationship between India and Russia and their approach towards the international system. This compilation of papers highlights the high points as well as the low points of this strategic partnership. It evinces the congruence of India and Russia national interests and explores other areas for collaboration. It also highlights the overtones in the bilateral relations such as the problems in the defence arena and Russians bolstering relationship with Pakistan.