ISBN 9780761995920,India and the United States in a Changing World

India and the United States in a Changing World


Ashok Kapur


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780761995920

ISBN-10 0761995927

Hard Back

Number of Pages 564 Pages
Language (English)


This important and timely volume not only explores the many strands and nuances of the chequered course of Indo-US relations, but offers pragmatic policy recommendations. The original essays by reputed scholars and analysts cover a wide range of fundamental issues affecting bilateral relations. The contributors maintain that the rapidly growing rapprochement between India and the United States could have far-reaching implications for peace and progress throughout Asia. Table of Contents Preface Introduction: India and America - Engaging Each Other in a Changing World Y K MALIK and ASHOK KAPUR US-India Science and Technology Relations: A Socio-Political Analysis AQUEIL AHMAD India and America - A Half Century of Academic and Scholarly Exchange, 1947-99 N GERALD BARRIER Policy Retaliation and Inefficiency S N GAJANAN and S RADHAKRISHNAN The Reasons Why: The US Failure to Control the Nuclear Agenda in South Asia HAROLD A GOULD Indo-US Strategic Worldviews STEVEN HOFFMANN Two Disengaged Cultures, Two Distant Democracies: Anthropological Notes on Indian and American Political Ethos R S KHARE Military Relations between the US and India: Assessment and Prospects DAVID J LOUSCHER, ALETHIA H COOK and VICTORIA D BARTO India-US Economic Relations: A Perspective PREM P GANDHI US Economic Sanctions against Nuclear India: Implications for Economic Liberalism and Democratic Peace Theory BALDEV RAJ NAYAR Coming of Age: Indian-Americans and the US Congress ROBERT M HATHAWAY Legislative Perceptions of Indo-American Relations ARTHUR G RUBINOFF Ideals or Self-Interest? The Indian Nuclear Deterrent and American Foreign Policy JAMES SPERLING Indo-US Relations and the Kashmir Issue REETA CHOWDHARI TREMBLAY Index