ISBN 9788121502498,India as Reflected in the Inscriptions of Gupta Period

India as Reflected in the Inscriptions of Gupta Period



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1978

ISBN 9788121502498

ISBN-10 8121502497

Hard Back

Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)


Hindu Culture reached its golden stage in India in the Gupta period. This book attempts to present a cultural history of India from different perspectives-Social, economic, religious and administrative, on the basis of the inscriptions of the Gupta period, corroborated by literary and numismatic evidences as well. The author has thrown a flood of light by his scholarly illumination and convincing exposition, on different aspects of Indian Culture like Varnasrama-dharma, concept of ownership of land, revenue system, different occupations, various streams of religion and the details of administrative machinery prevailing in this period, with adequate attention also to the regional phenomena.