ISBN 9789383263080,India @ Chanakya Modi

India @ Chanakya Modi



Orange Books International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789383263080

ISBN-10 9383263083


Number of Pages 265 Pages
Language (English)

History & Politics

Book: India is passing through a dark phase of decline and decay. Most of it is of it's own making. Scams and scandals of financial irregularities surface everyday; violence - communal, sexual, emotional is on the rise; the law and order institutions are highly politicized and their integrity is suspect; corruption is rampant in all spheres of life at all levels; foreign policy is soft and inconsistent; economy is in disarray. Down with frustration, full of anger and rage, people look for a savior. INDIA @ CHANAKYA + MODI is a socio-political cultural review of contemporary situation in the historical context with a literary aroma. It explores the possibility of the emergence of a new no-nonsense decisive dynamic leader who amalgamates Chanakya'swisdom as enshrined in the Arthashastra with modern thought befitting a democracy in Global context; saves the nation from internal feuds and external aggressions; ensures economic well being by taking recourse to latest technology; and makes India restore it's past glory and become the envy of the world once again. About the Authors: An eminent educationist and a social thinker, Prof. D. G. Saxena has chaired National Level Seminars; talked and moderated discussions on AIR and has written three books on Communication Skills. Presently, he is Course Coordinator at AIKF Center for Excellence in Education - an institute for Civil Services Examinations, at Faridabad in NCR. Dr. Deepa Vashisht has been an academician, guide, mentor and trainer for the last 20 years. She has presented papers at international and national forums and has taught in various colleges across the country. A spiritual healer and an exponent in Yoga, she has conducted workshops on meditation, stress and anger management and has been a leading graphologist for eminent corporates.

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