ISBN 9788189497231,India Exposed The Subcontinent A-z

India Exposed The Subcontinent A-z


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Timeless Books

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788189497231

ISBN-10 8189497235

Hard Back

Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Travel & holiday

Author-photographer Clive Limpkin traveled extensively throughout India to capture this vast and populous nation. The photographic legacy of his journeys is impressively far-reaching, both in geographic scope and subject. His thematic photographic approach is complemented by thoughtful essays on various subjects. From ?Army" and "Astrology" to "Yoga" and "Zebu," India Exposed examines natural life, culture, and regions in India. Limpkin?s photographs and essays invite his reader to learn about the issues and trends facing India today. The Indian subcontinent is a vastly diverse, naturally vibrant, and culturally rich region of the world. India is also a country of stark contrasts. After the annual dry season, heavy monsoon rains return the Indus River valley to a lush green. India is both ahead of and behind the ?development? curve: at the forefront of high-tech modernization on the one hand and struggling with overpopulation, hunger, and poverty on the other. India is a pluralistic society that is both multiethnic and multilingual. Though influenced by Western technology, in many ways India still clings to its unique past. From overcrowded cities to luscious wildlife reserves, India comes alive in 200 impressive and colorful pictures. This photographic voyage offers the reader a discovery of India?s wonders, without the pricey airfare.