ISBN 9789383316311,India's Changing Borderland Disputes The Fault Lines

India's Changing Borderland Disputes The Fault Lines



Gaurav Book Centre Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383316311

ISBN-10 9383316314


Language (English)

Police & security services

Boundaries are manifestations of national identity. They can be trip-wires of war. This is all the more important if the involved parties are nuclear powers. It threatens to inflame long-standing boundary disputes that India has with China, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Borders - whether ‘guarded’ and ‘fenced’ on the territorial landscape or faultlines that are imprinted on people’s mindscapes - can collide and coalesce, creating myriad patterns that offer room both for creative dialogues as well as violent encounters. The physical or territorial borders in Jammu and Kashmir are particularly complicated given the fact that this territory has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since independence. However these external borders and physical lines of contention are not the only ones that exist. There are also borders of a different kind induced or accentuated by the trajectory that the conflict has taken since the 1990 – i.e. identity faultlines that may have existed before but which have been politicized and militarized in the course of the conflict. India and China reimagine their borders as bridges, what role will border regions play in the evolving foreign policy orientation. The India-Bangladesh boundary is no ordinary one. Hastily constructed in the dying days of British colonialism, it was the longest international boundary created during the age of decolonisation. The book examine the deeper history of environmental change and political conflict in a region that is now particularly vulnerable to climate change, and at the fault-lines of strategic conflict between India and neighbour.
About the Author

Col. Puneet Raina (Retd.), Sena Medal M.A. and M.phil. (English) Commissioned into Army in 1970 Rashtriya Rifle (GUARDS) has been a charismatic Commanding Officer. His enigmatic personality, inspirational leadership and "Follow Me" outlook endeared him as a soldier and a Gentleman. After retirement,he is devoting his entire time in writing books and articles and published several articles in various reputed magazines and Journals.