ISBN 9789351361978,India's Green Wars : Dispatches from The Forest

India's Green Wars : Dispatches from The Forest


Bahar Dutt



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351361978

ISBN-10 9351361977


Number of Pages 172 Pages
Language (English)

Environmental Conservation & Protection

Wildlife biologist and journalist Bahar Dutt travels to the far ends of the planet to report on some of the biggest environment stories of our time from climate change to illegal mining to big dams being constructed in rich tropical rainforests. As India makes its way to a super economy, the impact on its wildlife remains largely unreported. Dutt draws on her experience as a conservationist to look at how this tension between a modernizing economy and saving the planet can be resolved.

Sharp, incisive and in-depth, this book goes beyond the rhetoric of television debates to look at some of the leading issues facing our forests and wilderness areas. Dutt relives exhilarating moments of coming face to face with gharials and the grand old orang-utan and many creatures facing an uneasy future, in search of an answer to the question, how can we save all that is precious in a development without brakes model of economy?