ISBN 9780761936572,India's Liberalisation Experience : Hostage to WTO?

India's Liberalisation Experience : Hostage to WTO?


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780761936572

ISBN-10 0761936572

Hard Back

Number of Pages 416 Pages
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This book reviews India`s liberalisation measures in the last decade, in cognisance of the impact of the country`s World Trade Oraganisation (WTO) membership on the same. The collection of articles by subject experts recognises that the changes mandated by WTO membership are but one of the three-pronged liberlisation measures that the country has been subjected to?in the external, domestic (industrial policies) and financial sectors. The lucid analyses bear out that rather than being WTO-induced, external liberalisation of most sectors has been part of India`s general economic reform programme, having been shaped by domestic compulsions. India`s Liberalisation Experience: Hostage to the WTO? also analyses how the country has coped with and benefited from its obligations and rights as a WTO member. It attempts to evaluate the impact of the domestic reforms on the country`s economy and the implications thereof on its performance as a WTO negotiator. It tries to dispel the myths regarding the impact of international trade negotiations on India`s ongoing reform processes and its developmental and poverty/livelihood concerns. Thus, it will appeal not only to WTO experts, but also to trade policy analysts, academicians, research students, policy-makers, scholars and economists. Table of Contents Preface Introduction RAJIV KUMAR India?s Economic Liberalisation and the WTO BIBEK DEBROY From Uruguay to Doha: India at the Negotiating Table SUPARNA KARMAKAR Prospects of Agricultural Trade Liberalisation: A View from India BISWAJIT DHAR The Political Economy of NAMA: A Note T C A SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN Indian Textile and Clothing Industry: Economic Policy Reform Experience During ?ATC? Period SAMAR VERMA GATS and Developments in India`s Service Sector RUPA CHANDA and SASIDARAN G Plurilateral Negotiations in Services SUMANTA CHAUDHURI The Enhanced Intellectual Property Rights in India PRAVIN ANAND and NEETI WILSON Can Protecting Intellectual Property Rights be of Any Consequence to the Poor People? ANIL K GUPTA Trade Facilitation: The Next Big Step in India?s Trade Reform JAYANTA ROY and PRITAM BANERJEE Anti-Dumping Through India?s Liberalisation Process SHARAD BHANSALI/-/`WTO Plus` Arrangements: Impact of Regional Trade Agreements S NARAYAN and INDU RAYADURGAM Shifting Streams: India, the Environment and the WTO PRADEEP S MEHTA Index