ISBN 9788175154803,Indian Business Laws

Indian Business Laws


S K Aggarwal



Galgotia Publication

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788175154803

ISBN-10 8175154802


Language (English)

Business law

CONTENTS: Part I Law of Contracts Nature and Types of Contract; Offer and Acceptance; Capacity to Contract; Free Consent; Consideration; Legality of Object and Cosideration; Expressly Declared Void Agreements; Contingent Contracts; Quasi-Contracts; Performance of Contracts; Discharge of Contract; Remedies for Breach of Contract; Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee; Bailment and Pledge; Agency; Part II Law of Sale of Goods Introduction to Contract of Sale of Goods; Conditions and Warranties; Transfer of Property; Performance of Contract of Sale; Remedies for Breach of Contract of Sale; Part III Law of Negotiable Instruments Introduction to Negotiable Instruments; Parties to a Negoriable Instrument; Holder and Holder in Due Course; Presentment of Negotiable Instruments; Negotiation of Negotiable Instruments; Dishonour and Discharge of Negotiable Instruments; Crossing and Dishonour of Cheques; Part IV Law of Information Technology Valid Electronic Message and Digital Signature; Digital Signature Infrastructure; Contraventions, Applellate Tribunal and Ofences; Index