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Indian Fast Food


Pushpesh Pant


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Roli Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788174364975

ISBN-10 8174364978

Hard Back

Number of Pages 96 Pages
Language (English)

Cooking for one

Pushpesh Pant provides easily adaptable and flexible recipes in Indian Fast Food, which are both mouth-watering and quintessentially Indian. Summary Of The Book Indian fast food has long been a subject of debate and scrutiny with regard to taste, flavor, nutrition, and availability. Indian Fast Food is Pushpesh Pant's attempt to bring together all these diverse currents into one delectable package. Pant focusses on the wider attributes of Indian fast food, which surpass simple satiety and refreshment. He looks at the eclectic mixture of tastes, flavours, ingredients and experiences on offer. Indian Fast Food discusses fast food as a combination of sensory and perceptual experiences and timely nutrition. All the recipes provided in Indian Fast Food can be learnt and implemented without any operational hassles. There is no playing around with rare and exotic ingredients in the book. Depending on specific circumstances, substitute ingredients can often be employed without changing the original flavor of the dish. Recipes are tagged under multiple categories such as non-vegetarian, rice and breads, vegetarian and desserts and accompaniments. Some noteworthy recipes include Shorshe Maach or fish cooked in mustard, Gosh ki Khurchan or mashed meat and a heady Goan fish curry. Other non-vegetarian recipes include grilled chicken breasts, spicy liver and lamb preparations. Other chapters deal with diverse recipes like Fried Fish Amritsari style, Fish in Onion Tomato Gravy and Whole Stuffed Pomfret. Vegetarian fast food recipes rely heavily on cottage cheese, tomatoes, potatoes and rice. Some chapters cover popular dishes like Kadhai Paneer, Poha Pula and Khumb Qurma or mushrooms cooked in vegetable stock. You can also try your hand at rustling up a variety of rice dishes including tomato rice and Jhinga Biryani. Pant also presents diverse bread preparations and thoughtful desserts. The chapters in the last section cover an array of desserts and accompaniments such as Spinach Raita, Vermicelli Delight and Tempered Yoghurt. About Pushpesh Pant Pushpesh Pant is an acclaimed author, historian, academician and food critic. His expertise lies in both cuisine and international relations. He has also written India: The Cookbook, Gourmet Journeys in India, Classic Cooking of Punjab and International Relations in 21st Century. Born in 1947, Pushpesh Pant retired from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi as a professor. He has contributed to leading publications like Forbes, Times of India, The Tribune, Outlook and Open as a columnist. He is an executive council member of Kumaun University and works as an advisor for the Department of Culture. He has also taught at the Indian Academy of International Law and Diplomacy. He is also associated with the Janshikshan Sansthan. He has worked with the Tourism Ministry as a member of the youth tourism committee and been an advisor to the National Book Trust of India. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Table of Contents Vegetarian Cottage Cheese Cooked in a Wok (Kadhai Paneer) Cottage Cheese Cooked with Green Gram (Paneer ki Bhurji) Corn Kernels with Mixed Greens (Makai Methi, Makhani Palak) Potato Delight (Aloo kr Tarkari) French Beans Flavoured with Coconut (Poriyal) Green Gram Fritters in Yoghurt Gravy (Moong Pakori ki Kadhi) Grilled Cottage Cheese Rectangles (Paneer Tash Kabab) Mashed Potato.romato Duet (Aloo Tamatar ka Chokha) Mushrooms Cooked in Vegetable Stock (Khumb Qurma) Mushrooms Cooked with Onions (Khumb Copyaza) Mushrooms Draped in Yoghurt Saute (Khumb Shabnam) Pickled Cottage Cheese (Thanda Acharr, Farwell Pressed Rice with Vegetables (Poha Pula) Semolina Snack (Uparha) Spicy Green Gram with Pressed Rice (Chunki Matar aur Chiwda) Spicy Vegetables Served with Buttered Bread (Paw Bhajii) Stuffed Onions in Spicy Gravy (Kandhey ki sabji) Stuffed Potatoes (Bharvan Aloo) Tangy Tomato Curry (Tamtar ka Qut) Non Vegetarian Chicken Grilled Chicken Breasts (Murgh ke Parchey) Shredded Chicken with Bell Peppers (Chooza Chaat) Succulent Spicy Chicken Chunks (Chooza Boti Kebab) Fish and Sea Food Fish Cooked in Mustard (Shorsh maach) Fish in Onion Tomato Gravy (Macchi Kaliya) Fried Fish Amritsari Style (Amritsari Macchhi) Goan Fish Curry (Gomanok Curry) Whole Stuffed Pomfret (sharer; satanga) Lamb Mashed Meat (Gosh ki Khurchan) Spicy Liver (Kaleji Mesala) Rice and Breads Rice Every Day Vegetable Pulao (Subzion ki Tarkari) Fish Pilaf (Macchi Quarma pulao) Pepper Flavoured Porridge (Pongal) Rice Cooked with Minced Lamb ( Keema Khichdi) Rice Cooked with Red Gram (Bisi bele Huli Anna) Sago flavoured with Coconut and green coriander (Saboo dana Khichdi) Slow Cooked Prawan Rice (Jhinga Biryani) Tamato Rice (Tamatar Chawal) Breads Bread Enriched with Lentis (Missi Roti) Shallow Fried Bread Encased with Egg ( Annda Paratha) Spicy Pees and Cottage Cheese Stuffed Bread (Matar paneer paratha) Accompaniments and Desserts Accompaniments Green Leaves Enriched Yoghurt curry (Bathua Kadhi) Spinach Raita (Sabza) Tempered Yoghurt (Tarka Dhai) Desserts Shaffron Tinged Semolina (Kesri Bhaat) Sweet Rice Enhinched with Dried Fruits (Zarda) Vermicelli Delight (Sevian)