ISBN 9788121502153,Indian Historical Vistas

Indian Historical Vistas



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1980

ISBN 9788121502153

ISBN-10 8121502152

Hard Back

Number of Pages 100 Pages
Language (English)


The studies included in this book are intended to open up new vistas of research into the history of the Middle Ages in India. They analyse the factors which were responsible for the ever changing alliances between the Muzaffarids of Gujarat, the Mamluks of Egypt, the Ottomans of Turkey and the Safavis of Persia in their confrontation with the Portuguese. They also examine the causes which led to the emergence of the mercantile class in Gujarat and assess the influence exercised by some of the business houses of the Mughal Court. Finally they explode some of the accepted theories in respect of Mughal India and throw revealing light on hitherto neglected archival heritage of our country.