ISBN 9788185616223,Indian tradition, its continuity

Indian tradition, its continuity



Sharada Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788185616223

ISBN-10 8185616221

Hard Back

Number of Pages 190 Pages
Language (English)


It is rather difficult to identify 'Indian ness' which constitutes the salient trait of Indian Culture and Indian Tradition. The Book 'Indian Tradition : Its Continuity makes a modest attempt to identify this 'Indianness' and in its search after the same,it arrives at spirituality and the concept of solidarity of the universe,as also at the basic proposition that the Real is incapable of being fragmented into parts. In its five chapters,the Book tries to identify the significant tissues in the magnificent fabric okf Indian Xculture and to show how the concept of solidarity of the universe and divinity of the man appear and reapperan in different systems of Indian Phil,osophy and diverse types of Religion. It also maes a modest attempt to show how the Indian view of accepting the Absolute as unfragmentable expresses itself in the speculation of Indian Grammar,which describes the real significant unit as an unanalysable whole. It further shows how the same spirit of spirituality continues in all forms and exercises of Literary Art, belonging both to the ancient and Modern scenario.
The book,thus,represents an exercise to analyse the diverse forms through which Indian Culture has expressed itself with the ultimate objective of eastablishing the fact that spirituality constitutes the vital life-sap of the Indian tree of civilization.