ISBN 9788189766115,Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi


Benny Aguiar


Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788189766115

ISBN-10 8189766112


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)

Political science & theory

Father Benny Aguiar delves into his memory to write about the period when Indira Gandhi dominated the Indian politics. Indira became the Prime Minister of India in 1966 and remained so, barring the priod 1977-79, till her assasination in 1984. She had a colossal presence and the history of India of this period got closely interwoven with her story. It is in this sence that the book is important. It is not a historical record of events, which many other books have already done. Father Aguiar recounts from his experienes of the period to produce an emotional history that helps understand the situation as its existed then. It is a close brush with reality and tries to make an assessment about the various feelings that shaped Indira's decision-making. About Author : Besides studies in philosophy and theology, Beeny Aguiar graduated in Economics from ST. Xavier's College, Bombay (now Mumbair) and in Education from St. Xavier's Institute of Education, Bombay. After a short stint of teaching English and History, he was appointed Assistant Editor and later, in 19961, as Editor of the 154-year-old Catholic weekly, The Examiner of Bombay. From 1967 to 2000, he was Indian correspondent for the international Catholic weekly, The Talbet of London. In 1994, he served as the Editor of the Indian Currents, Delhi. Contents : Preface Acknowledgement In a Great Tradition A Difficult Start Congress: The Cracked Monolith Polarisation Democracy Still Alive More than Teething Troubles: United Front Falls Apart Divisive Forces and Gloom Regionalism and Language Population Control and Poverty Alleviation India's Fourth Presidential Election The Split in the Congress India After the Split Indira gets Mandate The Unmaking of Pakistan The Great Exodus The Liberation Army The Birth of Bangladesh Magnanimous in Victory Restored Monolith Twenty-Five Years of Independence The Battle for the Colleges in Kerala Ominous Portents Indira's Worries The JP Movement The Allahabad High Court Bombshell The Emergency Forced Sterilisation Remaking the Constitution Indira Springs a Surprise A Monumental Blunder Democracy Back on Track Janata on the Decline Janata's Fall Indira Returns 1980, Indira's Bid on Healing Touch Shades of the Emergency Indira and the Pope's Rosary Blood Bath in Assam Hindus on the March Another Monumental Blunder The Final Tragedy Things fall Apart Bibliography Index