ISBN 9789350715550,Indirect Taxes Law and Practice (Part 1 - Service Tax / Part 2 - Central Excise / Customs / FTP)

Indirect Taxes Law and Practice (Part 1 - Service Tax / Part 2 - Central Excise / Customs / FTP)



Taxmann Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789350715550

ISBN-10 9350715554

Paper Back

Edition 34th
Number of Pages 840 Pages
Language (English)

Taxation law

Table of Contents
Part 1: Sevice Tax

Chapter 1: introduction
Chapter 2: Nature of Service Tax
Chapter 3: Negative List of Services
Chapter 4: Exemptions From Service Tax
Chapter 5: Abatements and Composition Schemes
Chapter 6: Exemption To Small Service Providers
Chapter 7: interpretation of Specific Description of Services
Chapter 8: Value of Taxable Service
Chapter 9: Reverse Charge Under Service Tax
Chapter 10: Taxable Territory
Chapter 11: Place of Provision of Service
Chapter 12: Point of Taxation
Chapter 13: Service Portion of Works Contract
Chapter 14: Construction Activity
Chapter 15: Renting of Immovable Property
Chapter 16: Refrain From Act or Tolerating an Act
Chapter 17: Telecom Related Services
Chapter 18: Hire of Goods
Chapter 19: Software Related Services
Chapter 20: intellectual Property Right Related Services
Chapter 21: Job Work
Chapter 22: Banking and Financial Services
Chapter 23: Transport of Goods by Road, Rail or Water
Chapter 24: Transport of Passengers
Chapter 25: Renting and Hire of Motor Vehicles to Carry Passengers
Chapter 26: Educational Services
Chapter 27: Food Related Services
Chapter 28: Services by or to Government or Local Authority
Chapter 29: Agriculture Related Services
Chapter 30: Manpower Supply Related Services
Chapter 31: Other Taxable Services
Chapter 32: Export of Services
Chapter 33: Import of Services
Chapter 34: Services Provided to and by Sez and Eou
Chapter 35: Basics of Cenvat Credit
Chapter 36: Cenvat Credit of input Service
Chapter 37: inputs and Capital Goods For Cenvat
Chapter 38: Availment and Utilisation of Cenvat Credit
Chapter 39: Duty Paying Documents for Cenvat
Chapter 40: Exempted Goods / Exempted Output Services
Chapter 41: Other Provisions of Cenvat
Chapter 42: Basic Procedures of Service Tax
Chapter 43: Payment of Tax and Filing of Returns
Chapter 44: Assessments and Adjudication
Chapter 45: Demand and Recovery
Chapter 46: Refund of Service Tax and interest
Chapter 47: Penalties Under Service Tax
Chapter 48: Appeals and Revision
Chapter 49: Prosecution and Compounding
Chapter 50: Miscellaneous Provisions
Subject index

Part 2
Chapter 1: Liability of Central Excise Duty
Chapter 2: Manufacture and Production
Chapter 3: Classification of Goods
Chapter 4: Transaction Value in Excise
Chapter 5: Valuation Rules
Chapter 6: Mrp Based Valuation
Chapter 7: Other Modes of Valuation of A Product
Chapter 8: Overview of Cenvat
Chapter 9: Basic Procedures in Excise
Chapter 10: Other Procedures in Central Excise
Chapter 11: Excise Concession To Ssi
Chapter 12: Exemption from Duty
Chapter 13: Refund of Duty
Chapter 14: Demands of Duty
Chapter 15: Captive Consumption and Job Work in Excise
Chapter 16: Other Topics in Central Excise
Chapter 17: introduction to Customs Duty
Chapter 18: Valuation for Customs Duty
Chapter 19: Customs Procedures
Chapter 20: Baggage, Courier and Post
Chapter 21: Exemptions, Remission and Demands in Customs
Chapter 22: Other Provisions in Customs
Chapter 23: Foreign Trade Policy
Chapter 24: input Customs Duty Neutralisation Schemes
Chapter 25: Eou and Sez
Chapter 26: Assessment and Adjudication
Chapter 27: Appeals in indirect Taxes
Chapter 28: Settlement Commission and Advance Ruling
Chapter 29: Enforcement Powers of Revenue officers
Chapter 30: Penalties and Confiscation
Chapter 31: Criminal offences
Subject index