ISBN 9789383316526,Indus Water Treaty Conflict between India and Pakistan

Indus Water Treaty Conflict between India and Pakistan



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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383316526

ISBN-10 9383316527

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Number of Pages 300 Pages
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Biography: Political

The Indus Water Treaty is a successful instance of conflict-resolution. It has been working reasonably well despite the strained political relationship between India and Pakistan. Importantly, it continued to be honoured even during wars between the two countries. Undoubtedly differences do arise from time to time, but these usually get resolved within the framework of the Treaty. Minor differences are settled within the Commission, and major disputes go to the two Governments. Indus River basin dates back centuries; by the late 1940s the irrigation works along the river were the most extensive in the world. These irrigation projects had been developed over the years under one political authority, that of British India, and any water conflict could be resolved by executive order. The Government of India Act of 1935, however, put water under provincial jurisdiction, and some disputes did begin to crop up at the sites of the more-extensive works, notably between the provinces of Punjab and Sind. The book will be very helpful for the researchers, veterinarians, students and persons involved in this subject.