ISBN 9789380012674,Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology




Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380012674

ISBN-10 9380012675

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Medicine: general issues

Biotechnology" is a new and advanced field of biological sciences which has emerged in the late 80s as a separate discipline and is considered as a young branch of Science. It is a multidisciplinary domain which receives input from different biological sciences and allied subjects. Being a young branch it has progressed much faster with intensive research. With the technological development, this field is further expanded and tries to solve problems related to environment, industries, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture related issues etc. Environmental biotechnology is the application of biologically engineered solutions to environmental problems. Now an accepted approach for treating industrial and manufacturing waste, pollution control, and land remediation, it is a rapidly growing area of research and practice. The application of biologically-engineered solutions to environmental problems has become far more readily acceptable and widely understood. However there remains some uncertainty amongst practitioners regarding how and where the microscopic, functional level fits into the macroscopic, practical applications. It is precisely this gap which the book sets out to fill. Dividing the topic into logical strands covering pollution, waste, manufacturing and its applications in food and medicine, the book examines the potential for biotechnological interventions and current industrial practice, with the underpinning microbial techniques and methods described, in context, against this background. Answering the need for a text that fully explains scientific theory in conjunction with real-world applications, the book "Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology" represents a landmark in the field of research in basic and applied areas of industrial and environmental biotechnology in the different RandD laboratories, Universities and industries. The book will cover an amazing range of topics from Industrial biotechnology, Biomining and bioleaching of ores, Bioremediation and xenobiotics, Environmental pollution and pollutants, Analytical methods for environmental monitoring, Phytotechnology and photosynthesis, Scientific aspects of biological waste treatment for biofuel production, Biodiversity and conservation, Environment and food/health care and Environment for sustainable development etc. contributed by eminent subject experts, academicians, researchers and scientists from India and abroad. This book would cater to the need of the graduate and post graduate students pursuing their study in any branch of Life sciences/Environmental biotechnology and industrial biotechnology, researchers and scientists working in the laboratories and industries involved in the study and research in the field of environmental science, bioremediation, biofuel production and allied researches.