ISBN 9780074624777,Industrial Electronics And Control

Industrial Electronics And Control



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780074624777

ISBN-10 0074624776


Number of Pages 649 Pages
Language (English)


OVERVIEW This book is designed keeping in view the syllabi of various states for the course in Industrial Electronics adn control. It is presently the only book that covers the complete course requirement at the diploma lovel Written in a comprehensive adn lucid manner, this book deals with the principle of operation and applications of both teh magnetic control devices as well as the electronic control devices as well as the electronic control devices, using thyristors. Apart from the control systems the book deals with semiconductor physics, applications of thyristor based control devices adn industrial circuits. It also explains electronic control of heating, welding and solid state motor control circuits, these circuits have been verified and tested by experts, in the laboratory. Salient Features A complete chapter on Thyristors and their application. Emerging use of Microprocessors in industrial Electronics discussed. Original practical circuits used throughout the book.This would help teachers to set up experimental boards. Variety of solved problems in each chapter to fulfil the needs of average students. Appendix provided, giving details of component specifications and methods of their testing. A good number of multiple choice questions included in each chapter. Experiments included for the practical exam. Solution manual for adopters. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Control Systems Chapter 2 Magnetic Control Systems Chapter 3 Semiconductor Physics Chapter 4 Thyristors and Their Applications Chapter 5 Inverters, Choppers, Dual Converters and Cycloconverters Chapter 6 Solid State Control of D.C. and A.C. Motors Chapter 7 Thyristor Control Circuits Chapter 8 Electronic Control of Heating and Welding Chapter 9 Photoelectric Devices Chapter 10 Transducers Chapter 11 Amplifiers Chapter 12 Ultrasonics Chapter 13 Microprocessors Chapter 14 Laboratory Experiments Appendix Index