ISBN 9788174090789,Industrial Organisation and Engineering Economics

Industrial Organisation and Engineering Economics


T.R. Banga


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174090789

ISBN-10 8174090789

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Edition 24th
Number of Pages 1159 Pages
Language (English)

General & Introductory Industrial Engineering

This book is useful for graduate and post-graduate students of management and engineering and covers the syllabuses of Industrial Organisation, Industrial Management, Quality Assurance, Quality Control/Management, Personnel/Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour, Industrial Psychology, Industrial Acts, Financial Management, Engineering Economics, Work Study, Production Management, Production Planning and Control, Entrepreneurship, Project Management. The book is also useful for the students preparing for the competitive examination of these subjects, as well as for the professional managers and engineers. Efforts have been made to properly blend various topics into a set of related concepts so as to provide up-to-date and integrated treatment of Business Organisation and Industrial Management, as well as proper emphasis on utilisation of management information systems to improve art of managing in industry. In order to make the book more useful the text have been kept as simple, straight, concise, supported with examples, flow diagrams, charts and figures.

Table of Contents
Part-I: ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT - *Forms of business organisation *Basic concepts of management *Functions of management *Organisation structure *System concepts *Decision making *Management information system (M.I.S.)
Part-II: PERSONNEL (HUMAN RESOURCES) MANAGEMENT - *Acquisition of manpower *Training and development *Rewarding (Compensation) *Maintenance of Human Resource

Part-III: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR AND INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY - *Organisational behaviour *Leadership *Industrial psychology *Motivation *Industrial relations *Trade unionism

Part-IV: ENTERPRENEURSHIP AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT - *Entrepreneurship *Small scale industries *National plans *Project planning *Environment pollution and control *Gantt charts *Critical path method (C.P.M.) *P.E.R.T. (Programme evaluation and review technique) *Applications of network techniques

Part-V: PLANT LAYOUT AND MATERIALS HANDLING - *Plant location *Plant layout *Industrial Buildings *Materials handling *Materials handling equipment

Part-VI: MATERIALS MANAGEMENT - *Purchasing *Make or buy decision *Stores management *Spare parts management *Value engineering (Value analysis)

Part-VII: MARKETING - *Marketing research and sales forecasting *Marketing management *Consumer behaviour and market promotion

Part-VIII: PRODUCTION - *Historical background of modern industry * Production and productivity *Product design and development * Production planning and control *Maintenance *Tools, jigs and fixtures

Part-IX: WORK STUDY - *Work study and productivity *Motion study (method study) *Ergonomics (Human engineering) *Time study (Work measurement) *Standard data *Work sampling

Part-X: INSPECTION AND QUALITY CONTROL - *Inspection *Acceptance sampling *Machine and process capability *Quality control *Statistical control charts *Total quality management

Part-XI: ENGINEERING ECONOMICS - *Elements of economics *Economics applied to industries *Engineering economics *Interest, annuities and profit *Break-even analysis *Replacement analysis

Part-XII: FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS - *Elements of cost *Indirect expenses and depreciation *Allocation of total cost *Book-keeping and accounts *Financial management *Budget and budgetary control *Banking *Foreign exchange and foreign trade