ISBN 9780618526406,Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology


Paul E. Levy



South-Western College

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780618526406

ISBN-10 0618526404

Hard Back

Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 528 Pages
Language (English)


Note: Each chapter concludes with a Summary. 1. The History of I/O Psychology What Is I/O Psychology? How Are I/O Psychologists Trained? What Do I/O Psychologists Do? 100 Years of History The Importance of I/O Psychology in the 21st Century 2. Research Methods in I/O Psychology What Is Science? Research Terminology and Basic Concepts Types of Research Designs Data Collection Techniques Measurement Statistics 3. Job Analysis Some Terminology Approaches to Job Analysis Job Analytic Methods Defining the Job: Descriptions and Specifications The Many Purposes of Job Analysis Job Evaluation 4. Criterion Measurement The Criterion Problem Defining Criteria and Their Properties Two Major Components of the Criterion Problem Distinctions Among Performance Criteria 5. Performance Appraisal Uses of Performance Appraisal The Role of I/O Psychology in Performance Appraisal A Contextual Approach 6. Predictors Classification of Tests Types of Predictors 7. Selection Decisions and Personnel Law A Brief Review Recruitment The Selection Decision Legal Issues in Industrial Psychology 8. Training and Development Assessing Training Needs Learning Context Training Delivery New Content for the New Millenium Training Evaluation 9. Motivation Theoretical Perspectives Applications of Motivational Theories to Organizational Problems 10. Job Attitudes: Antecedents and Consequences Attitudes, Intentions, and Behaviors Job Satisfaction Organizational Commitment Additional Job Attitudes 11. Stress and Worker Well-Being Stress and Strains Environmental Determinants of Well-Being Work-Family Conflict Psychological Effects of Job Loss Workplace Violence 12. Group Processes and Work Teams Groups Versus Teams Social Influence in Groups Group Decision Making Work Teams of the 21st Century 13. Leadership What Is Leadership? Theories New Directions in Leadership Research 14. Organizational Theory and Development Organizational Theory Organizational Development