ISBN 9780071067829,Industrial Psychology

Industrial Psychology



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071067829

ISBN-10 0071067825


Number of Pages 422 Pages
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This is an introductory text on Industrial Psychology. The discussion of the book is focused on `industrial psychology?, but also touches upon `psychology? in general. It effectively traces the historical background and development of industrial psychology as a discipline and concepts, theories and methodologies related to it. In addition, it also includes topics such as performance management, managerial development, return on investments and models for evaluating training. Salient Features Introduces the Indian aspects of Industrial Psychology with contemporary approach. Case studies in the Indian context to help students relate the theories with the world around them Pedagogical features like diagrams and charts to enable easy comprehension of various concepts and theories Project work to help students test their understanding of theories in the real-life situations TABLE OF CONTENTS Unit I: Introduction to Industrial Psychology 1. Introduction to Industrial Psychology ? Definitions & Scope 2. Scientific Management, Human Relations Schools and Hawthorne Experiments Unit II: Individual in Workplace 3. Motivation and Job Satisfaction 4. Stress Management 5. Organisational Culture 6. Leadership and Group Dynamics Unit III: Work Environment and Engineering Psychology 7. Work Environment and Engineering Psychology, Fatigue, Boredom, Accidents and Safety 8. Job Analysis 9. Recruitment and Selection: Reliability and Validity of Recruitment Tests Unit IV: Performance Management: Training and Development 10. Performance Management 11. Training and Development