ISBN 9788131508473,Information Security: Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

Information Security: Incident Response and Disaster Recovery



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131508473

ISBN-10 8131508471

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Number of Pages 412 Pages
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Are you ready to respond to an unauthorized intrusion to your computer network or server? Information Security: Incident Response and Disaster Recovery presents methods to identify vulnerabilities and take appropriate countermeasures to prevent and mitigate failure risks for an organization. Not only does book present a foundation in disaster recovery principles and planning, but it also emphasizes the importance of incident response minimizing prolonged downtime that can potentially lead to irreparable loss. This book is the first of its kind to address the overall problem of contingency planning rather than focusing on specific tasks of incident response or disaster recovery.

Key Features
Offers a full course worth of material covering incident response issues in extensive detail.
Provides a step-by-step process to develop, implement, and manage a disaster recovery plan that can be applied to any organization.
Features extensive learning tools, including Review Questions and Case Exercises which allow students to practice skills as they are learned.

Table Of Contents
1. Contingency Planning within Information Security
2. Planning for Organizational Readiness
3. Incident Response: Preparation, Organization, and Prevention
4. Incident Response: Detection and Decision Making
5. Incident Response: Reaction, Recovery, and Maintenance
6. Contingency Strategies for Business Resumption Planning
7. Disaster Recovery: Preparation and Implementation
8. Disaster Recover: Operation and Maintenance
9. Business Continuity Preparation and Implementation
10. Business Continuity Operations and Maintenance
11. Crisis Management and Human Factors