ISBN 9780070669017,Information Theory, Coding And Cryptography

Information Theory, Coding And Cryptography



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780070669017

ISBN-10 0070669015


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 348 Pages
Language (English)


The fields of Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography are ever expanding, and the last six years have seen a spurt of new ideas germinate, mature and get absorbed in industrial standards and applications. Many of these new concepts have been included in the second edition, which will enable students graduating from engineering colleges and currently practicing engineers to learn these topics quickly and efficiently. Key Features New! Turbo codes have been covered in detail. (Ch -6) New! Detailed coverage of Trellis Coding Modulation (TCM). (Ch-7) Detailed chapter on Cryptography covering fundamentals, private and public key cryptography, current encryption standards and the latest trends Physical concept is provided alongwith moderate mathematical rigor Theories and definitions explained through well-chosen solved examples and exercise problems. A telegraphic summary at the end of each chapter New to the edition Space Time Block Codes and Space Time Trellis Codes have been introduced [Ch -7, Sec 7.9] Turbo codes have been covered in detail. [Ch ? 6, Sec 6.11] Detailed coverage of Trellis Coding Modulation (TCM). (Ch-7) New Concepts To introduce the reader to the current research trends some of the new concepts have been introduced in this area. These are: Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) Channels Channel capacity for MIMO systems Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes Space Time Codes Interleaver Design for Turbo Codes Quantum Cryptography Biometric Encryption Pedagogy Total of 301 problems Solved examples - 137 Exercise problems - 164 TABLE OF CONTENTS : - Chapter 1. Source Coding Chapter 2. Channel Capacity and Coding Chapter 3. Linear Block Codes for Error Correction Chapter 4. Cyclic Codes Chapter 5. Bose-Chaudhuri Hocquenghem (BCH) Codes Chapter 6. Convolutional Codes Chapter 7. Trellis Coded Modulation Chapter 8. Cryptography