ISBN 9781842930403,Initiation Into The Tarot

Initiation Into The Tarot


Naomi Ozaniec


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9781842930403

ISBN-10 1842930400


Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


This refreshingly original book provides a complete course enabling you to work with the Tarot for much more than just ‘fortune telling’. By using the Tarot as an initiation process we can achieve personal spiritual awakening and thus change the way we see ourselves. Tarot has many connections - with psychology, alchemy and mythology to name only a few, and this book will not only show you the basic structure and interpretation of the cards, but will also admit you to a veritable treasure chamber of insights and revelations, which you will gain as you follow the graded system of exercises it provides. It offers: A powerful system for personal transformation; A clearly written and accessible approach; A graded initiation structure relating the Tarot Trumps to the Tree of Life; Exercises in intuition and meditation. Contents: Names and titles • Symbols and images • Archetypes and meanings • Letters and numbers • Doorways and keys • Stages and paths • Initiation and individuation • Mandalas and divination About the Author: Naomi Ozaneic is a writer and teacher of meditation, Tarot and Qabalah and the Western Mysteries Target Audience: General public, tarot readers