ISBN 9780070611139,Inline/Online Fundamentals of the Internet and the World Wide Web

Inline/Online Fundamentals of the Internet and the World Wide Web



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070611139

ISBN-10 0070611130


Edition 2nd
Language (English)


In its second edition, Inline/Online: Fundamentals of the Internet and the World Wide Web continues to offer students an entertaining and pedagogically superior introduction to the Internet, Web Design, and HTML coding in textbook format. This new edition features enhanced coverage of FTP, discussion of a wider array of search engines, new material on cascading style sheets, and an expanded and up-to-the-minute presentation of the current state of e-commerce. Outside of the classroom, this book remains an excellent resource for anyone who is interested in recent computing developments, online information, and the Internet as the new social and economic frontier. Inline/Online distinguishes itself as a text by offering an in-depth treatment of the Internet for non-computer specialists, thus making it accessible to students from all majors. E-mail, Newsgroups/Mailing Lists, web programming, electronic publishing, and search engines are among the topics authors Ray Greenlaw and Ellen Hepp cover with flair and a sense of their relationship to real-world applications. Students begin by learning the basics of e-mail and by the end of the course have the skills to publish their own well-designed web pages. In addition, the book contains over 500 exercises, many of them new to the second edition, which allow the reader test and refine their new skills online.

An Online Learning Center accompanies the book and offers an array of supplementary materials such as HTML examples, useful links, and rendered code from the book. McGraw-Hill's Page Out allows professors to customize the site by including their own course syllabus, a list of students, grading information, assignments, projects, and more. Key features Over 500 exercises, many of them NEW to the second edition, prompt students to experiment online and give professors exercises to draw on for homework, quizzes, and exams.

The Online Learning Center also serves as a rich source of information by providing students with examples of HTML programming, tips for finding material online, examples and screen shots from the book, and relevant links (carefully maintained) for every chapter. 581 PowerPoint slides make the instructor's job that much easier. An up-to-date discussion of the most recent Internet developments and a supporting web presentation help keep students abreast of changes in this rapidly evolving field. A new design incorporating author Ray Greenlaw's exploits on the Appalachian Trial makes the book attractive to a wider variety of users and provides a fun source of examples and exercises. The book's nuanced and in-depth treatment of the Internet equips students to use the World Wide Web effectively by giving them a solid grasp of the many different issues and concepts involved in charting the virtual frontier.

Table of Contents : -
Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Electronic Mail
Chapter 2 Jump Start: Browsing and Publishing
Chapter 3 The Internet
Chapter 4 The World Wide Web
Chapter 5 Searching the World Wide Web
Chapter 6 Telnet and FTP
Chapter 7 Basic HTML
Chapter 8 Web Graphics
Chapter 9 Advanced HTML
Chapter 10 Newsgroups and Mailing Lists, Chat Rooms and MUDs
Chapter 11 Electronic Publishing
Chapter 12 Web Programming Material
Chapter 13 Multimedia
Chapter 14 Privacy and Security Topics
Appendix A Internet Service Providers
Appendix B Text Editing
Appendix C Pine Mail Program
Appendix D Basic UNIX
Appendix E HTML Tags
Appendix F Acronyms
Appendix G My URLs