ISBN 9780074639757,Inside The Java 2 Virtual Machine

Inside The Java 2 Virtual Machine



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780074639757

ISBN-10 0074639757


Number of Pages 744 Pages
Language (English)

Java & variants

Many Java programmers need to fully grasp the workings of the Java Virtual Machine, the heart of the Java language. This insider guide gives them the understanding they need to write more effective code for Java programs and get maximum performance from Java applications. Both a tutorial and reference, the book is easy to follow for Java programmers at all levels. Readers learn what's going on underneath their Java programs as they run, and gain valuable insights into garbage collection techniques, multithreading, compilers, bytecodes, the Java interpreter and more. The accompanying CD-ROM contains numerous code examples, as well as interactive illustrations that provide valuable programming insights.