ISBN 9780070151277,Instrumentation, Measurement And Analysis

Instrumentation, Measurement And Analysis



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070151277

ISBN-10 007015127X


Edition 3rd
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This thoroughly revised and updated edition incorporates recent developments that have taken place in the field of instrumentation, measurement techniques, and data analysis. Inclusion of new topics, enhanced pedagogy and lucid language make this a complete book on the subject. Salient Features Strong emphasis on measurement standards and calibration methods. New chapters on Electrical Measurements and Dimensional Metrology. Provides practical details in the various aspects of instrumentation including the latest advances in this area. Table of content :- 1. Introduction to Instruments and Their Representation 2. Static Performance Characteristics of Instruments 3. Dynamics Characteristics of Instruments 4. Transducer Elements 5. Intermediate Elements 6. Indicating, Recording and Display Elements 7. Motion and Vibration Measurements 8. Dimensional Metrology 9. Force Measurement 10. Torque and Power Measurement 11. Pressure Measurement 12. Temperature Measurement 13. Flow Measurement 14. Acoustics Measurement 15. Signal and Systems Analysis 16. Conditions Monitoring and Signature Analysis Applications 17. Miscellaneous Instruments in Industrial, Biomedical and Environmental Applications 18. Recent Developments in Instrumentations and Measurements 19. Control Engineering Applications 20. Electrical Measurements 21. Basic Statistical Concepts 22. Normal Distribution 23. Graphical Representation and Curve Fitting of Data