ISBN 9780749445256,Integrated Branding: Becoming Brand-Driven Through Company-Wide Action

Integrated Branding: Becoming Brand-Driven Through Company-Wide Action


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Kogan Page Ltd

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780749445256

ISBN-10 0749445254

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For deeper, more loyal customer relationships and enhanced profit margins, companies must actually 'live' the brands they sell. This approach is called 'integrated branding' and it's not just a communications strategy. A company must demonstrate to itself and its customers that its external brand image is a reflection of the company itself. The brand and the company are inseparable, and this realization must pervade the entire organization, from new product development to human resource management.

Integrated branding is a way of operating, an overall way of doing business, and a way to make certain a company's products are based on the right answers to two mutually reinforcing questions: 'What do customers value?' and 'What does the company do best in relation to what customers want?'. The tools to accomplish these goals are called 'drivers'. In this updated edition of their acclaimed guide, LePla and Parker show clearly and comprehensively how drivers work and how to apply them. Also included are discussions of how to determine brand structure, how an integrated brand applies to marketing communications and how integrated brands can help companies when they go public.

About The Author
Joseph LePla has worked with a broad range of companies for 20 years to help develop and manage their brands.

Lynn M Parker has more than 15 years' experience in technology marketing and brand development, and was one of the earliest practitioners of hi-tech public relations and product positioning.

Table of Contents
Your company's most powerful weapon: The brand within
The integrated brand model: The basis for strong customer relationships
How integrated branding differs from the alternatives
A blueprint for creating organization drivers
The role of the brand principle
Other core brand drivers: Personalities and associations
How to reveal your brand: Seven steps to integrated branding
Developing a practical brand structure
Using integrated branding to expand market share
The WRQ story: The steps to a successful integrated brand
How to get and keep all divisions, departments and employees on the same path
How to conduct brand planning and benchmarking
How to create brand-driven marketing
Using marketing communications to drive brand
The digital age: A brand's best friend - or worst enemy?
Using brand to clear the path to an IPO and beyond
Integrated branding for technology companies
Comparing well-known brand models to integrated branding
Appendix: Conducting organization and brand driver interviews