ISBN 9788178359373,Integrated Education

Integrated Education


P. Sam Daniel



Kalpaz Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788178359373

ISBN-10 8178359375

Hard Back

Number of Pages 231 Pages
Language (English)


Integrated Education is defined as the education that promotes learning and teaching in non-fragmented ways that embrace notions of holism, complexity and interconnection. Furthermore, it integrates the links, rather than the divisions, between academic disciplines and between various subjective and objective epistemologies and methods of inquiry. Other terms used are integrative learning, integrated curriculum, interdisciplinary teaching, transformational learning, thematic teaching, and synergistic teaching. The urgent need is to look at holistic, interconnected and non-fragmented models on education that are integrated in real life are to be recognized that would produce positive results in the learners within the present changing world. One of the developments in Integrated Education is to strike a proper balance between didactic training and skills development. Acquisition of core skills and adequate exposure to basic courses are necessary for Integrated Education. Being seamless between disciplines and professions is the manifestation of internal and external Globalization of Integrated Education. It is a comprehensive education that integrates the head, heart and the hand which will impact life itself through value based education. It will also make learners to become moral and ethical citizens. , The volume integrates the Education Philosophies of the past and the present, the East and the West and will make the education process for total development of a person. It will be more flexible, creative in its style of Teaching and Learning relevant to real life situation. The present volume covers the important areas of Integrated Education, such as, Introduction to Integrated Education, Globalization and Integrated Education. ICTs in Integrated Education. Ethics and Values in Integrated Education, Curriculum for Integrated Education, Gandhi on Integrated Education, Tagore on Integrated Education, Whitehead on Integrated Education, John Dewey on Integrated Education, Current Develop6ments in Integrated Research, Issues and Challenges in Integrated Education, and a Bibliography. This volume will set a basis for the current trend in Integrated Education.

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