ISBN 9788124601860,Integrated Science of the Absolute - based on the Darsana Mala (Garland of Visions) of Narayana Guru

Integrated Science of the Absolute - based on the Darsana Mala (Garland of Visions) of Narayana Guru



Neha Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788124601860

ISBN-10 8124601860

Hard Back

Number of Pages 627 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

It is not just the magnum opus, but a truly monumental effort of a scientist-philosopher who has spent a whole lifetime to formulate a unitive science, wherein all disciplines of human questing could find a common ground- a science where modern science and ancient spiritual wisdom could meet and merge like two opposite poles of a magnet. As a direct disciple of one of the great rishis of the modern age, Nataraja Guru discovers this common ground in Brahma-vidya, which he calls the Integrated Science of the Absolute, and which has, at its base, his gurus Darshana Mala. A string of hundred Sanskrit verses, composed by the mystic-poet, Narayana Guru (1854-1928), the Darshana Mala is the very epitome of all visions of truth- inspired by his remarkable acquisitions of Upanishadic thought and, yet far more, by his own tapas (mystical discipline). Reproducing these highly significative verses in Roman script, along with English translations, word meanings, and extensive commentaries, Nataraja Guru not only spells out his mentor's Visions of the Absolute in contemporary idiom, but also shows how these visions are fully validated by modern science. Eclectic synthesis of varied scientific disciplines into a systematic whole is not all that Nataraja Guru accomplishes here. Rather his book (now in second edition) is an attempt to re-introduce Brahma-vidya as the one Master Science that embraces every branch of science, every human interest.