ISBN 9789380032016,Intelligence Information Thinking

Intelligence Information Thinking



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Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9789380032016

ISBN-10 9380032013


Language (English)

Literature: special interest

In this book, the author Edward de Bono presents the significance of intelligence, information, and thinking when used together. Summary Of The Book Edward de Bono has stated in his book that the qualities of intelligence, information, and thinking are not effective when they are used individually. He compares a human with a car and defines what these three qualities must be in terms of a car's characteristics. The author says that intelligence is the horsepower of a car, thinking is like the skill with which the car is driven, and information is like the road map available to the driver. These components present individually will not suffice. However, they can be very effective when used together. Dr. De Bono shows the reader how to combine all the three for enabling the fulfillment of one's potential and in developing really creative ideas. About Edward De Bono Edward de Bono was born on May 19, 1933. He is a Maltese physician, inventor, author, and consultant. He is known as 'the father of thinking about thinking'. Some of his other popular books include Teach Your Child How To Think, Intelligence Information Thinking, Edward De Bono Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, and Why So Stupid. Edward graduated from St. Edward's College in Malta at the age of 15. He then got a medical degree from the University of Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford, where he got an M.A. degree in psychology and physiology. He also has a PhD and a D.Phil. in Medicine from Trinity College, Cambridge. He has written 82 books, which have been translated into 41 languages. In thousands of schools throughout the world, his ideas on thinking are taught, and are mandatory in the curriculum. A leading Austrian business journal has listed him as among the twenty living visionaries. He has held faculty positions at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, London, and Harvard. Formerly, de Bono was married to Josephine Hall-White, with whom he has two sons.