ISBN 9781405198103,Intercultural Language Teaching And Learning

Intercultural Language Teaching And Learning



Wiley Blackwell

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781405198103

ISBN-10 1405198109

Hard Back

Number of Pages 218 Pages
Language (English)


This wideranging survey of issues in intercultural language teaching and learning covers everything from core concepts to program evaluation, and advocates a fluid, responsive approach to teaching language that reflects its central role in fostering intercultural understanding. Includes coverage of theoretical issues defining language, culture, and communication, as well as practicedriven issues such as classroom interactions, technologies, programs, and language assessment Examines systematically the components of language teaching: language itself, meaning, culture, learning, communicating, and assessments, and puts them in social and cultural context Features numerous examples throughout, drawn from various languages, international contexts, and frameworks Incorporates a decade of indepth research and detailed documentation from the authors' collaborative work with practicing teachers Provides a muchneeded addition to the sparse literature on intercultural aspects of language education