ISBN 9780070601215,International Management : Culture, Strategy And Behavior

International Management : Culture, Strategy And Behavior



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780070601215

ISBN-10 0070601216


Edition 6th
Number of Pages 638 Pages
Language (English)


As a discipline of academy inquiry, International Management applies management concepts and techniques to their contexts in firms working in multinational, multicultural environments. Hodgetts's Luthans: International Management was the first mainstream International Management text in the market. Its 6th edition continues to set the standard for International Management texts with its research-based content and its balance between culture, strategy, and behavior. International Management stresses the balanced approach and the synergy/connection between the text's four parts: Environment (3 chapters): Culture (4 chapters), Strategy and Functions (4 chapters) and Organizational Behavior /Human Resource Management (4 chapters).

Salient Features

NEW sections on globalization/antiglobalization, global corporate responsibility, strategy for emerging markets, international entrepreneurship and new ventures, off shoring and outsourcing.
ENHANCED coverage of the challenges and opportunities of alliances and joint ventures.
ADDED emphasis on global ethics and corporate responsibility, recent corporate governance scandals, and implications for global managers.
LATEST RESEARCH on International Management, including research on rise of emerging markets, international new ventures, and findings of GLOBE study on cross-cultural leadership.
ALL NEW Business Week chapter opening cases emphasizing current issues in International Management. These include articles on off shoring and outsourcing, and cases on BMW, Heineken, Parmalat, GE and others.
FRESH brief and in-depth integrative cases at the end of each part.
COMPREHENSIVE management/negotiation simulations, including, Franken foods or Rice Bowl for the World
SPECIALLY DESIGNED cases developed specifically for this book. The cases emphasize corporate responsibility, strategy in emerging markets, global leadership, and international entrepreneurship. These cases include: Wal-Mart's Japan Strategy, The HP Compaq Merger and its Global Implications, Lord John Brown and BP' s Global Shift, Can the Budget Air Model Work in Asia? The Story of Air Asia, and Chiquita's Global Turnaround.