ISBN 9780070618282,International Management : Managing In A Diverse And Dynamic Global Environment

International Management : Managing In A Diverse And Dynamic Global Environment



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780070618282

ISBN-10 0070618283


Number of Pages 606 Pages
Language (English)


International management achieves its balanced approach through the varied expertise of its author.With Arvind Phatak's well-known background in international strategy.Rabi Bhagat's noted research in cross-cultural management,and Roger Kashlak;s extensive work as a globel manager in the telecom industry in over 30 countries prior to his work in academia,this author team has complied a complete perspective on international management. questions to enhance student learning. Salient Features: Chapter 11 is unique on managing technology and knowledge, an important, cutting-edge topic. The concept of technology and the relevance of appropriate technology transfer. Chapter 17 Ethics and Social Responsibility for International Firms takes a contemporary look at the increasingly important field of ethics and social responsibility that global corporations face today. Each chapter ends with a Chapter-summarizing Mini-cases while comprehensive full-length casters appear at the end of each section. Practical Insight boxes contain interesting articles from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. These articles incorporate real life scenarios of the concepts covered in the chapters. A reference section in each chapter lists links, articles, and books to further expand on topics in the text. Each chapter contains objectives and discussion questions to enhance student learningChapter 1: An Introduction to International Management Chapter 2: The Global Macro-Economic Environment Chapter 3: The Political Environment and Political Risk Chapter 4: The International Legal Environment of Business Chapter 5: The Cultural Environment Case I:Euro Disneyland Part II: Managing International Strategic Planning And Implementation Chapter 6: Strategies for International Competition Chapter 7: Modes of Entry into Foreign Markets Chapter 8: Managing International Collaborative Initiatives Chapter 9: Organizing International Operations Chapter 10: Controlling International Strategies and Operations Chapter 11: Managing Technology and Knowledge Case II:The Global Branding of Stella Artois Part III: Managing People And Processes Across Borders And Cultures Chapter 12: Communication across Borders and Cultures Chapter 13: Negotiation and Decision-Making across Borders and Cultures Chapter 14: Work Motivation across Borders and Cultures Chapter 15: Leadership across Borders and Cultures Chapter 16: International Human Resources Management Case III: Ellen Moore (A): Living and Working in Korea Part IV: Ethical Dilemmas In International Management Chapter 17: Ethics and Social Responsibility for International Firms Case IV: Hitting the Wall: Nike and International Labor Practices